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CupixWorks November 2020 Update

CupixWorks November 2020 Update

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++

What’s new in CupixWorks?

In this update, we've added new features to make construction productivity and document management in PlanGrid easier by integrating with SiteView, and we've made downloading and uploading form templates a breeze in CupixWorks!  

Additional minor features and updates have been implemented, which are described below.  We started supporting point clouds in the last update, and we've made some improvements including better clipping panel functionality and more specific point cloud availability notifications. Some other updates include improving capture processing results by reducing the number of photos allowed per capture area from 600 to 400, and implementing the Measure Angle and Measure Radius tools in SiteView.

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Integrate with PlanGrid

Linking Construction Management with Our 3D Spatial References

PlanGrid integration is now available to all users. Treat our 3D Digital Twins as your virtual jobsite, walk through them in any linked SiteView, and:

  • Create PlanGrid tasks and RFIs, access them in PlanGrid, and generate reports, all within SiteView.
  • Open the automatically generated SiteView deep-link from a PlanGrid task or RFI to view the exact location a PlanGrid issue was created within SiteView to gain spatial context.
  • Use markups to clarify PlanGrid issues by adding annotated SiteView photographs to the PlanGrid RFIs and tasks.
To get started: See how to link your CupixWorks project to PlanGrid by watching our video or viewing our article.
To learn more: See how to use PlanGrid in SiteView.

Upload and Download Form Templates

Create or Save Forms in JSON Format

CupixWorks Admins can create form templates for RFIs, punch lists, and other documents in the CupixWorks Form Editor, which team members can fill out within SiteView or in the Cupix Capture App.  In this update, Admins can now:

  • Export form templates as JSON files and use them in other applications.
  • Create new form templates in CupixWorks by importing JSON files and saving any updates made in the Form Editor.
To learn more: See how to import or export form templates in CupixWorks.

Additional Features and Improvements

In this update, we've implemented over twenty new features, improvements, and bugfixes. Check out the following improvements that are included in this update:

Activity Feed and Notifications

  • Notification and activity feed texts have been updated.  These improved notifications specify who and what updates were made to captures, areas, BIM, level, project, SiteView, annotations, and point clouds.
  • Users are now notified of activity feed entries via Chrome push notifications.

Capture Detail Page

  • The maximum number of panos that can be uploaded through the CupixWorks web app has been reduced from 600 to 400 images to improve capture processing results.
  • Capture area icons on the reference plan now indicate if an area is processing or has encountered an error.  Here are the currently used icons:

Clipping Tool

  • Clipping panels now apply to panos, BIM, and point clouds in the Capture Editor and SiteView, as well as annotations in SiteView.  When panos or an annotation is outside of the clipping volume, users can no longer navigate to or show them in walkthrough mode.  Pano bubbles are also hidden in the capture display window.  To use the clipping tool on panos, go to Clipping Tool > Options > turn ON Panos, 3D Objects, or Point Cloud.
  • The Sectioning menu under Show Clipping Panel now shows the distance between both clipping panels under the sliders, and the units are shown on the bottom right.  Users are also given the option to lock this distance interval so that clicking and dragging the sliders will maintain the distance between the panels.  To lock the interval between the clipping panels, click the distance below the sliders, then click the toggle next to Lock Interval Distance so that it is On, then click Done.

Reference Plan

  • Fixed an issue where an unpublished default reference plan was still displayed in the SiteView mini-map.


  • Fixed an issue where no user information is displayed under Info when a user is selected within a group.  Now, the following user information is displayed under Info when the user is selected: Name, email address, status, last sign-in, and groups this user is a member of.


  • New Feature:  Added the function to measure a radius in SiteView. To use this function, click Measure > Radius > select a point selection method.  Stereo Matching, On 3D Object, and On 2D Plane or Floor are the available point selection methods.  First set both points that are on the circumference of the circle, then use the circle and radius guide to select the third point along the circumference.  Fix the third point along the circumference by turning Parallel to Axis ON, otherwise the third point will be located where your mouse pointer is. 
  • New Feature: Added the function to measure an angle in SiteView. To use this function, click Measure > Angle > select a point selection method.  Stereo Matching, On 3D Object, and On 2D Plane or Floor are the available point selection methods.  Define the legs of the angle by selecting 3 points, then SiteView will calculate and display the angle between both legs.  If Parallel to Axis is toggled ON, the line between two points will snap parallel to the X or Y axis.  If Parallel to Axis is toggled OFF, the line between two points will be drawn freehand. 
  • The “Point Cloud Data is Available” notification now appears only when the currently loaded capture contains a point cloud.  Previously, this notification appeared when at least one capture in the SiteView contained a point cloud, but it did not specify which capture.
  • At the bottom of the capture window, there is a drop down menu where users can pick which capture to load and view.  This drop down menu UI has been updated so that each entry will display the capture name on the first line and the capture date on the second.  The point cloud icon will also appear on the right of the capture name if a point cloud is available for that capture.
  • Added Orthographic view to 3D mode.  To view a capture in orthographic view, click 3D Mode > Orthographic Mode.
  • More than two point clouds can now be simultaneously displayed in different windows in SiteView.
  • Fixed an issue in walkthrough mode where floor cones indicating pano locations were no longer displayed.  Floor cones are now correctly displayed where a pano is located.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing a BIM in SiteView would load the BIM setup screen instead of the usual SiteView BIM model.


  • Fixed an issue where deleted items in Trash did not display data on child items (i.e.: Deleted projects did not show number of levels, BIM files, reports, and SiteViews).  Child items are now part of the displayed data for parent items in Trash.
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