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Where Are My Photos Stored?

Where Are My 360° Photos and Videos Stored?


During each step of the capture process, 360° photos and videos may be stored on your iPhone or iPad and 360° camera at different times. You can view this imagery and delete them at a later time.

Photo Location

During Capture

360° photos and videos are stored on the connected 360° camera(s) used during a capture.

Capture Submission

Once you've finished your capture, the Cupix Capture App walks you through the Capture Data and photo submission process. 

If you choose to upload your photos using the Connect App, the following does not apply. If you use the Capture App the following applies to you:

  • All 360° photos and 360° videos taken during the capture are first downloaded to your iPhone or iPad during the file transfer step.  These photos and videos, along with all Capture Data such as project template, chosen reference plans and levels, and location data, are submitted to the CupixWorks server together.
  • After the capture is submitted, the photos and videos are stored on both the iPhone or iPad and the 360° camera(s).  You must delete this data from your devices once they are no longer needed to free up space for future captures.

How to View Photos on Device

Any photos and 360° videos that have been downloaded to your iPhone or iPad are not viewable from the Photo Gallery on your device. However, you can access this imagery by connecting to your 360° camera with the camera manufacturer's app prior to file deletion.

How to Delete Photos

After uploading all photos from a capture, remember to remove them from your iPhone, iPad, and 360° camera to free up space for future captures.

App Data vs. Photos

When deleting photos from your iOS device through the Cupix Capture App, you will have the option to delete 360° photos only or 360° photos and app data. The option to delete 360° photos removes all 360° photos and 360° videos that were downloaded to your device for submission. App data includes location data, photo/ video names, project template, selected reference plans and levels, and capture area information, and you can delete this data along with the saved photos or videos.

Deleting Photos from iPhone or iPad

To delete any photos/ videos or capture data saved to your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Cupix Capture App.
  2. Go to  Settings > Clear Data.
  3. Select between the options: 
    • 360° Photos Only to delete photos/ videos and keep capture data such as cameras, project templates, etc.
    • 360° Photos and App Data to delete all photos/ videos and capture data stored on your device.

Deleting Photos and Videos from the Camera

Follow these instructions to delete any photos no longer needed from your 360° camera.

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