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Basic Hardware Checklist

Basic Hardware Checklist

At Cupix, we frequently create captures for our clients.

After many journeys to various jobsites, we have found the following hardware checklist essential to helping us prepare for onsite captures.

Capture Essentials

Before heading out to a capture site, make sure you have packed the following items:


  • 360° camera, fully charged
  • 360° camera charger cable
  • 360° camera battery pack, fully charged
  • Extra 360° camera memory card(s)
    Tip: Remove unnecessary photo and video files from the 360° camera(s) and extra memory card(s) prior to capture.


  • iPhone/iPad, fully charged
  • iPhone/iPad charger cable
  • iPhone/iPad battery pack, fully charged


  • Helmet or hard hat with camera mount
    Note: Camera mounts must raise the lens of the 360° camera 6 inches or more above the hard hat.
    If the camera lens is too close to the hard hat, the view in 360° photos and 360° videos will be dominated by the hat, which causes tracking and positioning algorithms to fail.
  • Camera to helmet adapter
  • Tripod

Measurement Device

  • Laser measure tool/long tape

Quality of Life Items

  • Door stops
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Painter’s tape
  • Bottle of water
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