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Video Capture Don'ts

Video Capture Don'ts

In addition to knowing how to record a 360° video with clear images, it is also helpful to understand what practices can cause poor quality video captures.

Common Mistakes

In the video below, our Cupix team member demonstrates a number of things to avoid when recording a 360° video. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Bouncing, twisting, or rocking while walking, pivoting, or turning, which cause blurry images and frames
  • Speed walking past doorways, down corridors, and in tight or dark areas, which all cause blurry images
  • Swinging your arm(s), since this will record and show your arm in the final digital twin
  • Lifting your arm(s), which can block the camera lens or otherwise dominate the video frames
  • Hitting the camera on doorframes, hanging lights, wires, and other jobsite items

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