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Submitting Captures from the Capture App

Submitting Captures from the Capture App


Upload Options

There are now two ways to submit your Captures:

  • Using the Connect App with a computer. We HIGHLY recommend using this method instead of the Capture App.
  • Using the Capture App (only used when you have no ability to upload with the Connect App).

Upload using Capture App

  1. Open the Settings for your iOS device and change the WiFi network from the camera to your local one.
  2. In the Capture App -> Capture screen, under your Project, tap the Upload button above the list of captures.
  3. Tap on Start.
  4. Once the capture data is sync'd, tap Continue in Mobile at the bottom.
  5. Tap on Transfer.
  6. Tap on Join to use the Camera's WiFi to upload the photos.
  7. Once the files are transferred to the iOS device, tap on Next.
  8. Tap on Connect, then switch to your local WiFi network.
  9. Tap on < Cupix Capture in the upper left corner.
  10. Tap on Upload.
  11. Once all files are uploaded, tap on Okay to finish. You will be returned to the Capture screen.

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