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Capture Mode: Single Shot

Capture Mode: Single Shot


We recommend using Single Shot Mode only when you require a single, high resolution photo of a small area. Here's why:

  • Single Shot requires you to manually place the photo on the reference plan in the Capture App.
  • Take a single photo in HDR* with a tripod. 

(* = Only available with Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera.)

Capture Rules

General rules for a successful single photo capture:

  • Maintain good lighting and clear FOV (Field Of View).
  • Keep the camera still when taking photos.

Creating Captures with Single Shot

To use Single Shot mode:

  1. Tap on Capture at the bottom.
  2. Download the latest project template (reference plans, levels, etc.) by tapping on Update Now. Depending on the speed of your WiFi network + size of the files, the process might take several minutes or more.
  3. Tap on AddNew. If you have already created one today, tap on your existing capture.
  4. Confirm the level you are capturing. You can tap on Change Level to pick a different one.
  5. Tap on Capture New Area.
  6. Tap on Single shot.
  7. Join the Wi-Fi network for the camera if you have not done so already.
  8. Move the reference plan until the crosshairs are at the location of the camera and tap Mark and Shoot to take the photo.
  9. Take any additional photos by moving the reference plan until the crosshairs are at the location of the camera and tapping Mark and Shoot.
  10. Once you are finished, drag up the shooting menu and tap on End.
  11. Tap on Go Back to Capture Home to finish the capture and return to the capture menu.


To learn more about using Single Shot:

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