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Capture Mode: Video

Capture Mode: Video

Video mode allows the user to create captures by recording 360° videos while walking through a job site.

Once a video capture is uploaded, CupixWorks will select frames from the video to use as 360° photos to create the digital twin.

This is the default mode for capturing a job site.

Check out our article on best practices for 360° videos for tips and information on how to capture the best quality 360° video for creating digital twins.

Note: You can record from 7 to 20 minutes of video at a time, depending on the camera you use.

Record Better 360° Videos

Before creating a capture in Video Mode, make sure you are familiar with best practices for recording 360° videos. We always strongly recommend practicing each capture method with the hardware setup you plan to use before going onsite.

Creating Captures with Video

To use Video mode:

  1. Tap the  Capture icon at the bottom.
  2. Tap on Get Template to make sure you are using the latest Reference Plans for your Project.
  3. Tap on Add New. If you have already created one today, tap on your existing capture.
  4. Confirm the level you are capturing. You can tap on Change Level to pick a different one.
  5. Tap on Capture New Area.
  6. Tap on Video.
  7. Move the reference plan until the crosshairs are at the location of the camera and tap Mark and Start Recording.
  8. Some things to remember while you capture:
    • Walk & turn slowly.
    • For higher quality photos, stop for 3 seconds, then continue walking.
    • Avoid quick head movements when using the Helmet Mount.
    • Keep the Selfie-stick & camera directly above your head at least 6 inches when walking.
  9. To end the video capture, press the orange Stop icon in the center of the screen.
    (Note: Once the video has reached the maximum recording duration, the Capture App will automatically end the video capture and you will be notified with a camera beep.)
  10. Move the reference plan until the crosshairs are at the final location of the camera, then tap Mark Final Position.
    • To save the current video capture and return to the capture menu, select Save and Quit.
    • To save the current video capture and start a new video capture from the final position of the current video capture, select Capture Another Area > From Previous End Position.
    • To save the current video capture and start a new video capture from a new location, select Capture Another Area > New Start Position.
    • To delete the current video capture, select Discard and Quit.
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