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Change Project

Change Project

Each project stores building information such as jobsite address, levels, and reference plans.

You will need to switch projects when capturing a different building.

Change Project for Capture

To switch to a different project in the Capture App:

  1. Go to the capture menu by tapping the Capture icon in the bottom left.
  2. View available projects by tapping Change in the upper right.
  3. From Choose a Project, tap the name of the project to switch to.
  4. To download or update the project template to the latest version, tap Download Project Setup.
  5. Tap Back in the upper left to return to the Capture Menu.

The project name will be displayed at the top of the Capture Menu.

You are now ready to use the project template to set up a capture.


I can't find my project

Verify you are in the correct workspace by tapping Settings > Workspace. Your current workspace will be shown at the top.

If the project is in a different workspace, tap the name of the correct workspace under Choose a Workspace.

Create a new project

If the project has not been set up in your workspace, contact your CupixWorks admin to verify.

If they are unable to setup the project in time, you may need to set up a new project template in the Capture App.

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