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Creating a Capture - No Template

Creating a Capture - No Template

If you are capturing a site that does not have a Project template set up in CupixWorks, or the Project template is missing information (ie: missing a level), you can add the information from the Capture App.

Note: If the CupixWorks admin for the building you are capturing has set up a corresponding Project template in CupixWorks, refer to the article 'Creating a Capture - Template' to download and set up the project in the Capture App.

With a project template set up properly, your photos will automatically be uploaded to the correct building and floor in CupixWorks using location information provided during the capture.

Tip: To avoid internet access problems, download all necessary project template information to your iOS device before going on-site.

Workspace Requirement

Before creating a capture with missing information or no project template, you must have access to the Workspace where you will be uploading your captures to. You cannot create a new Workspace from the Capture App, there must be a CupixWorks workspace you have access to in order to create a capture.

Create New Project in Capture App

If the workspace does not have a project template for the job site you will capture, create a new project by following these steps:

  1. Go to the capture window by tapping the Capture icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Go to Project, then tap the '+' sign in the upper right corner to begin adding a new project.
  3. Give the project a Name (ie: the name of the building).
  4. Set up the project location by entering the job site address, then tapping Select.
  5. Tap Done to finish creating a new project.

Add New Level

If the project is missing a building level, create a new level by following these steps:

  1. Go to the capture window.
  2. Go to Level,  then tap the '+' sign in the upper right corner to begin adding a new level.
  3. Give the level a Name (ie: Floor 3), then tap Done to finish creating a new level.
Tip: If you are capturing multiple floors in one day, make sure to change the Level in the app before capturing on a new level.

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