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Prepare the Site for Capture

Prepare the Site for Capture

When you arrive at a site, there are several things you can do to improve the speed and quality of your capture before taking photos and videos.

  • Turn on as many lights as possible in the area you are capturing.
  • Assess the actual layout of the capture site and determine how similar it is to the reference plan.
  • Plan a walking path for the areas that are being captured.
  • Use door stops to prop open all doors to rooms, halls, and spaces being captured.
  • If you can, move anything that obstructs your walking path.
  • Try to capture during a time when the least number of people are walking or moving around.
  • For electrical rooms, open any circuit breaker panels that you want to display in a SiteView.
  • Confirm the camera's lens cap is off and clean the lens.
  • Take a couple of practice captures to verify that your equipment is working correctly.
  • Take reference measurement(s) if you plan on measuring in SiteView.
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