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Capture App Settings

Capture App Settings

The Capture App settings allow you to add and update camera information, workspace, units, and camera height.

You can also turn on advanced options from settings, which allow increase the number and duration of 360° photos and 360° videos you can take per capture.

Open Settings

To access the Capture App settings, tap Settings (gear icon) in the bottom right corner of the app.


Workspaces contain building information organized as projects. By selecting a workspace, you can download project templates to guide and organize your captures, view reference plans, and upload 360° photos and 360° videos to the chosen project.

To select your workspace:

  1. Make sure the iPhone or iPad is connected to the internet wifi and not to a 360° camera.
  2. Tap Workspace to display a list of workspaces you have access to.
  3. Tap the name of the workspace that has the project you are creating a capture for.
  4. The chosen workspace will be displayed under Current Workspace.
  5. Tap Settings to return to the Settings menu.


360° Camera

You can connect to cameras that were previously registered with the Capture App, you can add a new camera and its connection information.

Unit of Measure

You can choose between Imperial (ft) or Metric (m) as the unit of measure that distance values are displayed in (ie: 360° Camera Height).

360° Camera Height

The 360° camera height is used to help auto-position each 360° photo’s height once a capture is uploaded to CupixWorks.

Set the camera height as the approximate distance from the ground to the camera lens.

App Settings

App Version

The current version of the Cupix Capture App is displayed next to App Version.

When submitting feedback and bug reports, let us know which version of the Capture App you are using.

Clear Data

Data saved by the Capture App to your iOS device can be removed once it is no longer needed.

You have have two data deletion options:

  • Delete 360° Photos Only
    Permanently removes all 360° photos and 360° videos downloaded on your iOS device by the Cupix Capture App.
  • Delete 360° Photos and App Data
    Permanently removes all 360° photos and 360° videos downloaded on your iOS device by the Cupix Capture App as well as the following Capture App data:
    • Project Template information downloaded to the current iOS device including project name, address, levels, reference plans.
    • Annotations and photos taken by the current iOS device.
    • User preferences including all 360° camera connection information, unit of measure, and camera height.
Note: Make sure all capture data, 360° photos, and 360° videos that need to be uploaded from the Capture App have been submitted to CupixWorks prior to clearing data.
To check capture submission statuses, tap Submit at the bottom of the app.
Verify all needed captures are listed under the Submitted tab on the right, and no needed captures are listed under the Not Submitted or In Progress tabs.

View Tutorial

For a refresher on how to set up the Capture App prior to capture, use View Tutorial.

View Tutorial will show the intro that you first saw when you downloaded and opened the Capture App the first time.


Advanced mode offers additional options for capture:

  • Expert Mode - Enabling Expert Mode increases the number of 360° photos you can take per area from 20 to 400 photos, and the duration of 360° videos recorded per area from 90 seconds to 7 minutes.
  • 360° Camera Simulator - Enabling 360° Camera Simulator allows you to test Capture App functionalities without a 360° camera. 

Sign Out

At the bottom of the settings menu is the Sign Out option.

Sign out of the app to:

  • Sign into a different team.
  • Allow a different Cupix user to use the app.

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