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Permissions and Sharing

Permissions and Sharing

SiteView allows users to view captures of a jobsite, compare captures from different dates or BIM side by side, make measurements, and communicate with other collaborators.

To start sharing, click on the Share button at the top right of the Toolbar menu:

Sharing a SiteView

There are two ways to share a SiteView with other people:

  • Get Shareable Deep Link - generate and share a link directly to the SiteView 
  • Share with Others - invite a CupixWorks user to the SiteView

Get Shareable Deep Link

You can copy and paste the unique link to this specific SiteView. A URL is automatically generated for this SiteView - copy this link to your clipboard by clicking ‘Copy Link’ at the right.

Use the link to share this SiteView with people who do not have a Cupix account - they will be prompted to create a new account with Cupix. You can then monitor and update their access to this SiteView.

Share with Others

You can directly invite a person or group of people using their Cupix account emails.

In the field below, you can enter a person’s Cupix account email address or your can type and select the name of a group of Cupix users to share your SiteView with. A list of users and/or groups can be added in this manner.

Note: Only users with Cupix accounts are listed, and only Cupix account emails can be added in this manner. If you need to share your SiteView with someone who does not have an account with Cupix, send them the SiteView link by clicking ‘Copy Link’ - they will be prompted to create an account in order to view the SiteView.

Once all users are selected, you can immediately set their access permissions from one of four options:

  • Can view only - user can only view the SiteView
  • Can create and view - the user can view the SiteView and create annotations
  • Can create and edit - the user can view the SiteView, and create and edit annotations
  • Can create, edit, and share - the user can view the SiteView, create and edit annotations, and share the SiteView with others.

You can also choose to add a message that will be sent to the people you are sharing your SiteView with in this manner.

Update User Permission

The bottom of the window lists all users that have access to this SiteView, as well as their current permissions settings.

To modify a user’s access and permissions to this SiteView, click the drop down menu to the right of their name. You can select from the previous four options with an additional fifth option:

  • Can see the path - user can see the URL to this SiteView.

You can update sharing and individual viewing permissions and access to the current SiteView by clicking ‘Share’ in the upper right hand of the top menu.

Hover over the menu for the options to display, the ‘Share’ button is in the upper right hand corner.

Remove User Access from SiteView

To stop a user’s access to this SiteView, click on the X to the right of their permissions level. The user will be deleted from the list and will no longer have access to the SiteView.

Publicly Accessible Links

If the SiteView is publicly accessible, a warning will appear at the bottom of the Share with Others and Get Shareable Deep Link option screens.

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