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Overlay BIM objects on Panos

Overlay BIM Objects on Panos

SiteView offers the capability of transporting BIM objects and overlaying them on panos, giving users the ability to directly compare designs and as-builts.

Overlay BIM Objects on Panos

To overlay BIM objects on panos:

  1. Load the BIM model next to your digital twin and navigate to the location with the BIM objects you'd like to transport.
  2. Select the BIM object by clicking on it.
    Tip: Make multiple selections by holding CTRL while clicking the BIM objects.
  3. Right click a selected object and click Transport Selected, and you will see the object(s) displayed in the pano.
    Note: Walking to other panos within the area will continue to display the BIM object(s).

Remove BIM Objects From Panos

To remove overlaid BIM objects from panos:

  1. In the pano viewer, select the BIM object by clicking on it.
  2. Right click the selected object and click Remove from Pano View

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