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Overlay BIM objects on Panos

Overlaying BIM Objects in the Capture Viewer

SiteView offers the ability to transport BIM objects into the Capture Viewer and overlay them on panos. This is useful for directly comparing BIM designs with as-built (real life) panos.

Overlay BIM Objects on Panos

To overlay BIM objects on panos:

    1. Use the Capture Viewer to navigate to the area with the BIM objects you'd like to transport over.

    2. (Optional) If more than one BIM Model exists, choose the one you need from the Model Control at the bottom of the BIM Viewer.

    3. Select a BIM object by left-clicking on it. You can choose multiple objects at once by holding CTRL while clicking on each object.

    4. Right-click on a selected object(s) and click Transport Selected

    5. The object(s) will display in the pano.

Filter BIM Object Groups with Model Structure

If you want to filter and Transport specific groups of objects from a BIM file, the Model Structure control can help. For example, let's say you want to overlay specific Walls onto the panos like the images below.

Here is the suggested procedure:

  1. Click on Sync  at the top right to desync the BIM file from the Capture Viewer. This makes it easier to view the objects you are interested in overlaying onto the panos.
  2. In the BIM Viewer, click on Model Structure  .
  3. Use SHIFT + Left Click to select a group, or several groups, of objects from the list. To make it easier to filter, click on the "eye" to change a group from visible  to invisible  as needed.
  4. Click on Transport  to overlay all of the objects onto the panos in the Capture Viewer at a single time.

Remove BIM Objects From Panos

To remove overlaid BIM objects from panos:

    1. In the Capture Viewer, right-click on the BIM object, or group of objects, to be removed. 

    2. Hover over the name of the object, and then click on Delete. Alternatively, you can click on Delete All 3D Objects to clear everything.

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