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Adding Markups

Adding Markups


Markups allow you to annotate screenshots of a 3D digital twin by using built-in drawing tools such as text, arrows, and shapes. Markups are a great way to clarify issues and annotations in SiteView.

Add Markup

Markups are organized within annotation groups, which are folders that contain annotations, forms, and other markups related to the same issue. To add markups, make sure there is an annotation group available. Annotation groups will be listed in the Annotations Widget in SiteView.

Add Annotation Group

If there is no annotation group, or you would like to create a new one:

  1. Click Add Annotation Group .
  2. Select Blank Group.
  3. Give the annotation group a name, select the Capture Record, and click Done.
    Note: Due to changing site conditions, an annotation group is not displayed or accessible from captures taken on other dates or levels within the SiteView.

Add Markup

To add a markup to a group:

  1. Click the group name.
  2. Click on Add Annotation 
  3. Select Markup.
  4. Select the Widget to take a screenshot of, and click Next.
  5. A screenshot of what is currently shown in the specific Widget Window will be displayed in the markup wizard.

    From the toolbar at the bottom, you can add text, shapes, arrows, and freehand in different colors, line types, and line weights.

  6. Once you are finished editing the photo, click Save in Annotations Widget menu to finalize your markup.
    You will see the saved markup image displayed over the digital twin viewer, and the markup information will be displayed on the Annotations menu.
  7. Click the Back to List to return to the Annotations Widget menu.

How Markups are Displayed

Markup information, including the markup creator and update time, will be displayed in the Annotations Widget menu.

In the 3D digital twin, your markup will be displayed as a gray pin with a markup icon at the top. The markup pin will be viewable and accessible from the 360° photos surrounding the location where the markup was created. Markups are also displayed on the reference plan as a gray markup icon at their location of creation.

Note: Markups are not displayed or accessible from captures taken on other dates or levels within the SiteView.
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