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Sharing Annotations

Sharing Annotations

Sharing annotations in SiteView allows other collaborators fully understand the spatial context in which the annotation was made. You can share annotations with a person or group of people using their Cupix account emails.  You can also share annotations with collaborators who do not have a Cupix account, however they will need to sign up with Cupix to view the annotations.

Note: You can only share annotation groups. Sharing single markups and annotations is not available at this time.

Share Annotation

To share annotations:

  1. Click the annotation group name > three vertical dot icon > Share Annotation Group.
  2. Enter email addresses and/or groups of Cupix users you want to share the annotation group with.
  3. Set their access permissions using one of the four permission levels.
  4. You have the option to notify the selected users and to add a message that will be sent with their email invite.
  5. Click Ok to send email invites sharing this annotation group with the selected users.

Access Permissions

You have four options to select from when setting user access permissions:

  • Can view only - The user(s) can only view the annotations in SiteView.
  • Can create and view - The user(s) can view and create annotations.
  • Can create and edit - The user(s) can view, create, and edit annotations.
  • Can create, edit, and share - The user(s) can view, create, edit, and share annotations.
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