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Compare Digital Twins from Different Dates

Compare Digital Twins from Different Dates

SiteView allows you to simultaneously view up to four digital twins taken on different dates.

Video: To see this process in action, check out our video on Comparing Digital Twins from Different Dates.

View Additional Digital Twins

To view more than one digital twin side by side:

  1. Open up the SiteView of your digital twin.
  2. From the top tool bar, click the Side-by-side Comparison Layout icon on the right and select your preferred window layout from the drop-down menu.

Change Date

There are two ways to view captures taken on other dates in a SiteView window:

Bottom Date Control

Use the date control located at the bottom of the window to quickly select captures from a calendar.

  1. To view a tour from a specific date, click on the date displayed at the bottom of the window to select from the calendar.
    Note: The currently selected date will be solid filled blue. The dates of other digital twins are circled in blue.

Capture Table

To view all available capture dates by capture level, you can view and select a capture from the Capture Table.

  1. From the upper right of the top toolbar, click SiteView Setting > Show Capture Table.
    The Capture Table will show all viewable capture records.
  2. Click on the orange shutter button that corresponds to the capture you want to view, and click OK.

Close Windows

There are two ways to close a window.

Manually Close Windows

  1. Close a window by clicking the X in the upper right of the window.

Return to Single Window

  1. Click Side-by-side Comparison Layout > Single Window.

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