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Show Or Hide Pano Bubbles

Show Or Hide Pano Bubbles

By default, pano bubbles are hidden in the Capture Viewer. You can only determine the location that a 360° photo was taken from the reference plan. To view locations of panos inside the Capture Viewer, we mark each one with a pano bubble.

You can turn the bubble panos on or off by right-clicking, then selecting Pano bubbles from the list of options.

Once turned on, left-click and drag your mouse inside a pano to see a translucent bubble with a line touching the floor. This indicates that a 360° photo was taken there.

Click on a pano bubble to be taken to that 360° photo.

Pano bubble visibility is determined by the Walkthrough Search Range in SiteView Settings. If the number of pano bubbles in an area is very dense, you can reduce the visual clutter by setting the Walkthrough Search Range to a lower value.

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