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Change Level in SiteView

Change Level in SiteView


For jobsites with multiple floors, captures taken on each floor are stored on different Levels in CupixWorks.

There are two ways to select and view captures on other Levels in SiteView:

  • From the Toolbar 
  • From the Capture Table

Change Level from Toolbar

The Toolbar is located at the top of SiteView and shows the SiteView Project name and current Level.

To change the Level you are viewing from the toolbar:

  1. Navigate to the Level name on left side of the toolbar.  
  2. Click on the Level name and select the Level you want to view from the drop down list. 

Change Level from Capture Table

The Capture Table organizes all captures viewable in the current SiteView by Level (columns) and date (rows). Captures can be accessed by clicking on the orange icon at the intersection of the Level and date you would like to view.

To change the Level you are viewing from the Capture Table:

  1. At the left side of the top toolbar, click Settings .
  2. Click on Show Capture Table
  3. Click on the orange capture icon to view the capture taken on the specified Level and date. 
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