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Change Reference Plan in SiteView

Change Reference Plan in SiteView


Digital twins may have multiple reference plans (i.e.: floor plans, MEP plans, site plans, reflective ceiling plans) available for view within a capture. With SiteView, you can switch between reference plans to quickly gain functional and spatial context when viewing captures of your jobsite.

Changing the Reference Plan

To change the reference plan in the Plan Viewer:

  1. Hover over the plan to see that the lower left corner displays the name of the image you are currently using as the reference plan.
  2. Click the image name and select the reference plan you want to use from the drop-down list.
Note: If locations in the 3D digital twin are not matching up to locations on the reference plan, contact your team's Cupix admin. Reference plans and digital twins must be scaled using the same origin point and scale factor.
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