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Navigating the Reference Plan

Navigating the Reference Plan

When you first load SiteView, the reference plan is displayed in a small pop-up window located in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Video:  To see this process in action, check out our video on SiteView Navigation Basics.

Understand the Reference Plan

  • The location of each photo is marked with a gray ring on the reference plan. These are called pano rings. Click on a pano ring to view a photo in a specific location.
  • The 360° photo that is displayed in the viewer is highlighted in orange on the reference plan.

  • The orange pano ring also has an orange radar on it.

  • The cone radar faces the direction you are viewing, and the span of the radar shows the field of view of the displayed photo.

  • The radar rotates as you turn in the 360° photo, and the radar becomes smaller or larger as you zoom in and out of the photo, respectively.

Basic Navigation

  • Hover over the mini-map to expand the reference plan by 50%.
  • Move the reference plan by clicking and dragging the image in the mini-map.
  • Zoom in and out by using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Zoom in on a location of interest by double clicking a point on the plan.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys to navigate the plan are:

  • SHIFT + ‘+’ - Zoom In.
  • SHIFT + ‘-’ - Zoom Out.
  • Right arrow button - Move right.
  • Left arrow button -Move left.
  • SHIFT + Left arrow button - Rotate clockwise.
  • SHIFT + Right arrow button - Rotate counterclockwise.

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