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How to Navigate a Reference Plan with Plan Viewer

How to Navigate a Reference Plan with Plan Viewer


In SiteView, the Reference Plan is displayed in the Plan Viewer Widget Window. 

Note that if you need to open another view of the Reference Plan, you can add more Plan Viewer Widgets:

  • Click on Add a new widget .
  • Click on either Plan Viewer  or Plan Viewer - New Window  to open it in a new browser window.

Understanding the Reference Plan

  • The location of each 360° photo is marked with a light blue ring on the Reference Plan. These are called pano rings. Click on a pano ring to view a photo in a specific location.
  • The 360° photo that is displayed in the viewer is highlighted in orange.

  • The orange pano ring also has an orange radar pointing from it.

  • The radar faces the direction you are viewing, and the span of the radar shows the field of view (FOV) of the displayed photo.

  • The radar rotates as you turn in the 360° photo, and the radar becomes smaller or larger as you zoom in and out of the photo, respectively.

  • You might also see Sketch drawings shown in the form of text, polylines, symbols and Room locations used to make finding a certain 3D space easier.

Basic Navigation

  • Move the reference plan by left-clicking and dragging the image in the plan.
  • Click on the Satellite View  icon to change from the default Plan View.
  • Click on the True North  icon to switch the plan orientation.
  • To change Reference Plans (if more than one exists), click on the current name in the lower left corner. This will show a list of available Reference Plans to choose from.
  • Zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel or click on the Plus and Minus icons. Click Reset Zoom  to return to the default view.
  • Zoom in on a location of interest by clicking on any point on the plan.
  • Click on the icon  to Hide Sketch Drawings to remove them from the view or again to Show Sketch Drawings and bring them back.
  • Click on Sync with 3D Windows  to dynamically sync the Plan Viewer with the Main Capture Viewer and/ or secondary Capture Viewers.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys to navigate the plan are:

  • SHIFT + ‘+’ - Zoom In.
  • SHIFT + ‘-’ - Zoom Out.
  • Right arrow button - Move right.
  • Left arrow button -Move left.
  • SHIFT + Left arrow button - Rotate clockwise.
  • SHIFT + Right arrow button - Rotate counterclockwise.

  • W - Move to the pano in front of you.
  • A - Move to the pano left of you.
  • S - Move to the pano behind you.
  • D - Move to the pano right of you.
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