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Browser Requirements - SiteView

Due to the heavy usage of graphics in Cupix SiteView, we recommend using a desktop browser that is compatible with WebGL to efficiently display 360 photos and other images.  WebGL allows your browser to render 2D images and 3D models from SiteView without using plug-ins.

We highly recommend accessing SiteView with Google Chrome

Check if your browser and GPU combination support WebGL by clicking this link

Our browser requirements for using SiteView are the same as our requirements for using Cupix 1.0.

Enabling WebGL in Google Chrome

If WebGL is currently not enabled in your browser, take the following steps to enable it for Google Chrome:

1) Launch Google Chrome

2) Type chrome://flags/ in the URL bar and press Enter.  Doing so will take you to the Experiments page.

3) Scroll to Disable WebGL.

When Disable WebGL is enabled, web applications are prevented from accessing the WebGL API. When Disable WebGL is disabled, web applications have access to the WebGL API. Therefore, to turn on WebGL, click Disable.

4) To apply the changes you’ve made, click Relaunch Now to restart Google Chrome with WebGL access enabled.

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