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Setting Up Your Team Profile

Setting Up Your Team Profile

To set up your team profile:

  1. Sign into your Cupix team at
  2. Click Settings (gear symbol) in the upper right corner of the window.
    A new window tab will open that will show your personal preferences.
  3. From the left menu, click Team Profile.

You can edit team settings in the following categories:

  • Team Profile
    • Team Logo - The logo will be displayed in the upper left of your SiteViews.
    • Team Name - The team name is displayed when signing into the Capture App or CupixWorks.
    • Team URL - Used to log into your team account, all associated CupixWorks links begin with your team URL including your team’s CupixWorks Studio and SiteViews.

      NOTE: Team URL cannot be changed.
  • Two-Step Verification
    • Enable or Disable two-step verification when your team signs into their Cupix account. (For Subscription Users only.)
  • Little Planet Nadir Patching
    • Nadir Angle - Define the nadir angle as any value from 1° to 30°.
  • Self-Service Sign-up

    You can choose to allow other collaborators from your organization to sign up for a Cupix account and join your team as long as they have an email address from the specified team email domain.

    • Self-Service Sign-Up - Enable or disable.
    • Team Email Domain - If self-service sign-up is enabled, anyone with an email ending in this team email domain can sign up on their own and join the current CupixWorks team.

      NOTE: Only one team email domain is allowed.

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