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Set Up Annotation Group Template

Set Up Annotation Group Template

Users who regularly create new projects may wind up with a large number of form templates after an extended period of time. When SiteView users want to create a new annotation in SiteView, they may need to scroll through many forms that are not relevant to their use cases or projects to find the form they need. To help each user focus on the annotation forms they need to use, admins can set up annotation group templates and designate specific CupixWorks forms users can pick from when creating new annotations. Annotation group templates also help streamline the process of defining access permission settings when creating a new annotation group in SiteView.

Create New Annotation Group Template

Video: To see this process in action, check out our video on setting up an annotation group template.

To set up an annotation group template:

  1. From the Project Center, under Template click Annotation Groups > New Annotation Group Template to open the New Annotation Group Template wizard.
  2. Under Details, type in the name of the annotation group template, then click Next.
  3. Under Allowed Forms, select all forms you want available within your annotation group template either by clicking and dragging forms from Forms in Team Settings to the Allowed Forms box, or by clicking the "+" sign that appears when your mouse hovers over a form.
  4. Once all desired forms are selected and within the Allowed Forms box, click Next.
  5. Under Permission Template, add emails and/or groups registered with your CupixWorks team to grant these users access to the SiteView and any annotation groups created from this annotation group template.
  6. Set the access permission for all of these users by clicking the drop down menu next to Choose Access Permission, then selecting the desired access level, then click Add to add the user(s) with the selected permission level.
    Note: The access permissions are the usual four: Can view only, Can create and view all, Can create and edit all, and Full - can create, edit all, and share.
  7. You can add multiple users with different access permissions by following the instructions in Step 6.
  8. Once all users and the access permissions are set, click Next to proceed to the summary.
  9. Under Done, verify that the name, number of selected forms, and number of users or groups selected under Permission Template are correct, then click Save and Close to finish creating your annotation group template.

Annotation Group Templates in SiteView

Users can use annotation group templates to create annotation groups in SiteView where only a pre-set list of form templates may be used.

Create Annotation Group from Template

To set up an annotation group using an annotation group template:

  1. From the Annotations menu on the left, click Add Group, and click the name of the annotation group you want to use.
  2. In the New Annotation Group dialogue, make sure the correct Annotation Group Template is selected.
  3. Give the annotation group a name, select the associated capture record from the drop down list, then click Done.

The annotation group is now created.

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