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Add Team Members

Add Team Members

Note: This feature is available for Admins.

Adding a Cupix user as a member allows them to contribute to and use resources on your team.

Depending on their permissions, members may create and edit projects, upload captures, examine SiteViews, and communicate with other members on the team.

Adding Team Members

To add a new team member:

  1. Go to your Cupix account settings and click Members on the left menu.
  2. Click New Member, type in their email address(es), and click Invite Members.
    Note: You can send a team invite to an email that is not associated with a Cupix account - the user will need to create a Cupix account in order to join.

Member Status

Monitor whether invited members have confirmed their invite by viewing their status to the right of their email address. There are three member statuses:

  • Invited - The member has received an email but has not accepted the invitation.  They will have no access to the team or its resources at this time.
  • Active - The member has an account with Cupix and accepted the team invitation.
    Note that in addition to their email address, active users will also be listed with their username and Cupix icon.
  • Deactivated - The member previously joined your Cupix team but has been deactivated.  They can no longer access your team resources.

Active members of your team can be added to team workspaces, projects, levels, and Siteviews to view, create, and edit various items and folders depending on their access permissions.

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