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Import Reference Plans from BIM 360

Import Reference Plans from BIM 360


PDFs within a BIM 360 project can be used as sources for new reference plans in CupixWorks. Make sure that your project is linked to its BIM 360 project counterpart in order to use this feature.

You can verify if your CupixWorks project is already linked to a BIM 360 project by opening the Project Center and navigating to Integrations to check if the BIM 360 box lists a BIM 360 project name.

Note: Users must be a BIM 360 account admin and BIM 360 project admin to link a CupixWorks project to the BIM 360 project.
To link BIM 360 and CupixWorks projects together, follow the instructions in BIM 360 Integration.

Upload BIM 360 Reference Plan

To upload a PDF file from BIM 360 to use as a CupixWorks reference plan:

  1. Go to your project in CupixWorks Project Center.
  2. Click on  Reference Plans.
  3. Click on Upload Reference Plan.
  4. Click on Show Advanced Options.
  5. Click on Import from BIM 360 Plans.
  6. In the Import from BIM 360 window, open the folder and browse for the name of the PDF you want to use as a reference plan in CupixWorks. Select the file.
  7. Click Import to confirm your selection.
  8. Continue configuring the Reference Plan.
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