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How to Create a Team (Admins Only)

How to Create a Team (Admins Only)

A CupixWorks team holds team members, workspaces, and projects accessible from a unique team URL. To create a team, you will first need to send a new team request by contacting

Create a New Team

After requesting the creation of a new team, you should receive an email from us titled "Create a New Team in CupixWorks."

To create a new team:

  1. Open the email and click Confirm Email and Create Team.
  2. Under Set Up Team Profile, type in the portion of your unique team URL that precedes This URL <teamURL> will be used to log into your team.
    Note: The URL cannot be changed once created.
    Typically, we suggest using your company name to create your team URL.
    Team URLs must be 4 to 20 characters in length using lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  3. Under Enter the name of your team, type in your new team name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Create your account on this team by inputting your first and last name and password, then click Create Team.
  6. Your new team has been created, and you can log in with your account's email and password.
Note: If you are a member of more than one CupixWorks team, note that you can use different passwords for each account.
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