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Import Rooms from BIM Files

Import Rooms from BIM Files

Sometimes BIM files contain rooms defined by name and 3D space. When these rooms are imported from a published BIM model to a CupixWorks project, users in the SiteView can search for those rooms and view them within the as-built digital twins or in 3D mode on the reference plans. Extracting and adding rooms to a SiteView provides another way to help SiteView users navigate and contextualize the corresponding as-built 3D digital twins.

Note: Rooms can be extracted only from .rvt or .nwd files.

Extract Rooms

To add rooms to a SiteView, you must first extract rooms from an available BIM.  If you need to add a BIM file, follow our article on how to upload and set up a BIM file.

To extract the rooms from a BIM:

  1. Open the project that contains the SiteView you want to add rooms to.
  2. From the Project Center, click BIM under Template.
  3. Double click the name of the BIM that contains the rooms you want to use.
  4. In the BIM Setup menu, click the Models tab, then select the phase with the room definitions you want to use.
  5. Click the Rooms tab, then Extract from Loaded Model.
  6. Select the rooms that you want to import. If nothing is selected, all rooms will be imported.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the room list, then click Import.
  8. Once you are finished, make sure to publish the BIM to SiteView for the rooms to be available to SiteView users.

Notes on Room Extraction

  • Cupix will automatically associate each room with the Level/Floor from the Revit model.
  • If there are new floors in the Revit model that are not in Cupix, then Cupix will add the new levels to the Cupix project.
  • If the level is not specified in the Revit model, then Cupix will import it's level as Auto.
  • You can edit the associated level of each room in Template / BIM / Double click BIM file to open BIM Editor / Rooms tab / Select Room / Choose from the level drop down list in the righthand side info window.

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