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Import Rooms from BIM Files

Import Rooms from BIM Files


In this article, we focus on publishing imported BIM rooms in the BIM Editor so users can search and view rooms in SiteView.

Note: CupixWorks can import BIM files that contain different 3D models, sheets, rooms, and levels into a project. These models are not published for use in a SiteView automatically. Users choose some, or all, of the items to publish using the BIM Editor.

Publish Imported BIM Rooms

  1. Go to your project in CupixWorks Project Center.
  2. Click on  BIM.
  3. Double-click on the BIM file.
  4. If not already on, click on the Info about the selected item icon .
  5. Click on the Rooms tab.
  6. Under the Rooms tab, select the individual room(s) you want to be published by checking the box next to each.
  7. IMPORTANT! Make sure you also select a Level for the room to appear on. If you use the default Auto Level, the room will not appear in SiteView as it is only a placeholder.
  8. Once you have selected your rooms, click on the Save button at the top right.
  9. Finally, make sure you have the BIM file published for use in SiteView.

Notes on BIM Rooms

  • CupixWorks will automatically associate each room with the Level (Floor) from the BIM file.
  • When updated, if there are new levels in the BIM file that are not in CupixWorks, then Cupix will add the new levels to the Cupix project.
  • If the Level is not specified in the Revit model, Cupix will import it as Auto. This is only a placeholder value, and should be changed for viewing in SiteView.
  • CupixWorks supports BIM rooms for .rvt or .nwd files. It does not support .ifc or .skp files.
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