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Navigating the BIM Editor

Navigating the BIM Editor


Option Tabs

Left Side

  • 3D - Lists all available 3D models.
  • Sheets - Lists all available sheets with the option to publish some, or all, of the sheets in SiteView.
  • Levels - Lists all available levels with the option to use some, or all, of the levels in the project.
  • Rooms - Lists all available rooms with the option to publish some, or all, of the rooms in SiteView.
  • Objects - Option to add a Reference Plane to the BIM.

Right Side

If not already on, click on the Info about the selected item icon  .

  • Origin - Align the BIM to coordinate systems, whether internal or geographic survey points.
  • Info - shows various information about the BIM, depending on which left side option you are in. 

The BIM Editor offers many navigation options, depending on the complexities of the model:

  • Orbit - rotate the model around a single point. 
  • Pan - move the entire model around the screen.
  • Zoom - left click and drag, or use the mouse scroll wheel, to zoom in and out of the model.
  • First Person - a message pops up illustrating the way to navigate in first person using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Camera Interactions- Choose from:
    • Fit To View - shrinks the view of the model to fit on the screen.
    • Focal Length - change the view diameter in mm.
    • Roll - click and drag to roll the model back and forth.
  • Measure - take different types of measurements in the model.
  • Section Analysis - cross-cut the model on the X, Y or Z planes.
  • Document Browser - view documents and images associated with the model.
  • Levels - view and isolate specific levels.
  • Explode Model - use the slider to expand or contract the individual objects in the model.
  • Model Browser - show/hide specific objects or groups.
  • Layer Manager - show/hide specific layers. 
  • Properties - view the properties of the model.
  • Settings - change the settings for the viewer.
  • Full Screen - switch back and forth to a full screen view of the model.

Final Note: Remember to click on the Save button at the top right to retain any changes you make.

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