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Hierarchy and Access of CupixWorks Objects

Content in CupixWorks is organized in a hierarchy as shown in the following figure.

A Team will have a Workspace under which they store all information.

A Workspace can have multiple Projects, each of which represents one jobsite or building

Projects are further subdivided into Levels, and each project can have multiple Captures (digital twins) split into Areas located in certain regions on a Level. You can Setup each Project by adding the jobsite’s address, uploading BIM models and reference plans, and creating forms and Reports.

Captures from different dates that have been finalized are bundled together with BIM(s) and reference plans, and are shared as SiteViews.

Access to Objects

The following five items can be shared with groups or members of your team:  Workspaces, Projects, Captures, SiteViews, and Annotation Layers.

Admins can set the level of access permission a group or member has to Workspaces, Projects, SiteViews, and Annotation Layers. These access permissions include the following options:

  1. Create, Edit, and Share
  2. Create and Edit
  3. Create and View
  4. View Only

Note that members or groups given access to a certain item with a selected permission level will have the same access permissions to all subitems.

For example,  A team member is given permission to create, edit, and share Annotation Layers with other people. They will be able to also create, edit, and share Forms and Markups, however they will be unable to have these privileges with the Project associated with the Annotation Layer.

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