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Capture App Basic Process

Capture App Basic Process


Sign in to the Cupix Capture App

  1. Download the Cupix Capture App from the App Store with a compatible iOS device.
  2. Launch the Cupix Capture App.
  3. Enter your Team URL and click the Next button.
  4. Enter your Email and Password and click the Next button.
Note: If you forgot your Team URL or password, please see Sign in to CupixWorks

Verify Capture Settings

Before starting your capture, we recommend checking your default settings. Settings can be accessed by tapping the Settings  icon in the upper right of the interface.

  • Choose your Workspace.
  • Verify your current estimated 360° Camera Height.
  • Optionally, enable experimental features in Advanced.

Once you have chosen your workspace and other settings, tap on the X to close the screen.

Add Camera

Before you can capture a site, you need to add a supported 360° camera. Tap on the Cameras  button at the bottom.

To add a camera, choose your specific model from this article, and follow the instructions.

Capture a Site

Once you have added a camera, tap on the Capture  button at the bottom.

To start capturing:

  1. Tap on the name of the project.
  2. Download the latest project template (reference plans, levels, etc.) by tapping on Update Now. Depending on the speed of your WiFi network + size of the files, the process might take several minutes or more.
  3. Tap on New Capture.
  4. If needed, choose a different level:
    1. Tap on Change Level. (Remember to change the Level when recording a different building floor.)
    2. Tap on the level.
    3. Tap on < Back.
  5. Tap on Capture New Area.
  6. Select a capture mode:
  7. Continue taking 360° photos and 360° videos of each area until you have finished, then tap < to return to the Capture Home screen.

Sync and Submit a Capture

There are two suggested ways to submit your Captures:

  • Using the Connect App with a computer. We HIGHLY recommend using this method over the Capture App.
  • Using the Capture App (only do this when you cannot upload with the Connect App and have a fast, reliable WiFi network).

Here is the process:

  1. Open the Settings for your iOS device and change the WiFi network from the camera to your local one.
  2. In the Capture App -> Capture screen, under your Project, tap  Upload.
  3. Tap on Start to sync the capture data with the CupixWorks web platform.
  4. Once the capture data is sync'd, decide on the which method you will use:
    1. Tap on Go to Computer to Use..., then use the Connect App to upload the 360° photos or videos.
    2. Tap on Continue in Mobile to complete the upload process using the Capture App.
  5. After tapping on Continue in Mobile, tap on Transfer.
  6. Tap on Join to use the Camera's WiFi to upload the photos.
  7. Once the files are 100% completely uploaded, tap on Next.
  8. Tap on Connect, then switch to your local WiFi network.
  9. Tap on < Cupix Capture in the upper left corner.
  10. Tap on Upload.
  11. Once all files are uploaded, tap on Okay to finish. You will be returned to the Capture screen.

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