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CupixWorks is a 3D digital twin platform to create and share 3D virtual sites that can help people explore a site online using 3D-mapped interactive panoramic photos (360 photos or panos in short) without visiting the physical location. It is designed for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) professionals to document a job site with the in-detail 3D visual context easily and affordably, and so they can record and track progress with far less frequent site visits.

CupixWorks Web App

We offer a cloud-based Web application (Web app in short) for you to manage your team members, administrate access permissions, organize projects, edit captures, integrate CupixWorks data with downstream applications like BIM360.

Your CupixWorks Project

Your CupixWorks project is made up of the project template, captures, and SiteViews.

Project Template

The project template includes the design data like levels, BIM, PDF sheets, and reference plan drawings. Because CupixWorks panos and their annotations are 3D spatially mapped, you need to set them up in a unified coordinate system. CupixWorks Web app provides tools for you to set up and organize project template data.


The capture is a record of the physical site represented by a collection of 3D-mapped panos. You can use our iPhone app and an off-the-shelf 360 camera to take 360 photos or videos, submit them to our machine-vision powered software on the cloud serve, and have our server automatically 3D-map them. Or, optionally, you can position each 360 photo on a reference plan drawing while using the iPhone app if you don’t need 3D-mapping and want to save time on server processing.


The SiteView is a highly flexible 360° virtual site viewer that dynamically loads captures satisfying user-specified filter options. You can create a number of SiteView per project with different accessible captures, levels, or permissions.

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