Set Up Capture QA Service

Capture QA service is available for aligning areas of panos created during a capture as well as point clouds. By enabling Capture QA, all uploaded panos and point clouds will be aligned by CupixWorks QA engineers. While QA engineers work on aligning the captures and point clouds, users can check on each area or point cloud's processing status under Captures in the Project Center.

Note: Only Admins and the Super Admin of your CupixWorks team can enable or disable the capture QA service.

Enable Capture QA Service

To automatically send all uploaded capture areas, panos, and point clouds to the CupixWorks QA team for alignment:

  1. Go to Settings > Team Profile.
  2. Under Capture QA Service, click the Edit icon and click the toggle next to Enable Capture QA Service so that it turns blue.
  3. Click Save to finish enabling the Capture QA Service.