Insta360 ONE R: Updating the Firmware

The Cupix Capture App now supports Video Mode when using the Insta360 ONE R. However, to use Video Mode with the ONE R, you must update the camera firmware using the following instructions and enable Video Mode from the Capture App settings.

Important: Do not use the firmware file provided in the Insta360 Camera Firmware Update Tutorial.
Do not install the latest firmware from the Insta360 mobile application or website.
These firmware files will not work with Cupix. Only use the provided file below.

Update Insta360 ONE R Firmware

You must update the Insta360 ONE R firmware with the following file to use Video Mode in the Capture App.

To update the firmware:

  1. Download Insta360OneRFW.bin to your computer.
    Note: This firmware file is v1.1.32, which will be an earlier version than the firmware file available on the Insta360 website.
  2. Insert the Micro SD card in the ONE R, connect the ONE R to the computer via USB cable, and then turn on the ONE R.
    The computer can now directly access files on the Micro SD card.
  3. From File Explorer, copy Insta360OneRFW.bin to the root directory of the SD card directly and delete the old .bin firmware file.
    Note: Do not change the name of Insta360OneRFW.bin, otherwise the system may not be able to identify the latest firmware during the next automatic firmware update.
  4. Long press the power button to turn off the ONE R, and then turn on it again.
    The indicator will remain blue during this time.
    It will take approximately 30 to 40 seconds to update the firmware.
    The indicator will turn green after updating successfully.
  5. If problems occurred during the firmware update, format the SD card first, then try again.

For additional information, refer to the Insta360 Camera Firmware Update Tutorial.