Add Photos to Existing Multi-Shot Capture

Captures created using Multi-Shot mode offer the additional option of resuming the capture, for instance, after a lunch break.

Continue Multi-Shot Capture

To continue adding photos to an existing multi-shot capture:

  1. Go to the capture menu by tapping the Capture icon in the bottom left and verify that you are viewing the correct project and level.
  2. From the list of Capture Areas on Current Level, tap the name of the capture area you want to add more 360° photos to.
  3. Tap Continue Capture at the bottom, and the shooting window will appear and automatically center on the current capture marker on the reference plan.
    Note: Expert Mode must be enabled in order for the Continue Capture button to exist.
    The option to continue capture is not available when Expert Mode is not enabled.
  4. Continue as you would normally do for a multi-shot capture by tapping Shoot to take photos.
  5. Hold and pull up the shooting menu and tap End > Save and Quit once you are finished with the capture.