Getting Started Step 2: Field Capture

Sign in to Cupix Capture App

  1. Download the Cupix Capture App from the App Store on your compatible iOS device.
  2. Launch the Cupix Capture App.
  3. Enter your Team URL and click the Next button.
  4. Enter your Email and Password and click the Next button.
Note: Forgot your Team URL or Password? Please see Sign in to CupixWorks

Verify Capture Settings

Before starting your capture, we recommend checking your default settings. Settings can be accessed by clicking the Settings icon along the bottom of the interface.

  • Verify your current Workspace.
  • Under the Preferences section, verify your current 360° Camera and 360° Camera Height.
Note: Camera height is an estimate to assist with initial processing of data.

Set up Capture

Once you have selected your basic settings, download the project template to organize 360° photos and videos on the fly.

The capture menu can be accessed by clicking the Capture icon along the bottom of the interface.

Note: Make sure to download the capture template(s) before going on-site if the jobsite has poor internet connection.

To set up the capture:

  1. Download the project template by clicking Capture, then Change.
  2. Click the name of the project you are creating captures for and click Download Project Setup.
  3. Click Back to return to the Capture menu.
  4. Select the current level you will capture by clicking Level and selecting the level name from the list.
  5. Click Back to return to the Capture menu.
  6. Select the Reference Plan by returning to the Capture menu and tap the Reference plan icon to set the reference plan you want to use for your capture.

Make sure to change the capture Level prior to taking 360° photos and 360° videos on a different floor.

Start Capture

After downloading your project template and selecting a level and floor, you can begin your capture. Starting from the Capture menu:

  1. Click the Create New Area button and select from one of the following shooting methods:
  2. Follow the instructions in the corresponding article above to complete your capture.
  3. Once you are finished, save the capture area by selecting Save and Quit to return to the Capture Home screen.

Repeat the above steps to continue taking 360° photos and 360° videos of each area until you have finished capturing all areas. You can use different capture modes to capture the same floor, however remember to change the capture Level when moving to a different floor.

Tip: If this is your first capture, keep the amount of 360° photos and 360° video footage small per capture area to familiarize yourself with the process.

Submit Capture to the Cloud

Once you are finished creating your captures, you can submit all 360° photos, videos, and capture data to the cloud directly from the Capture App if you are connected to the internet. The submission menu can be accessed by clicking the Submit icon along the bottom of the interface.

  1. Edit the capture name by clicking on New Capture Name, renaming the capture, and clicking OK.
  2. Click Continue to proceed to the download screen.
    A list of all captured areas that are not yet submitted are listed, organized by camera.
  3. Click Download All to download all 360° images and videos from the connected camera to the iOS device.
  4. Connect to the internet from the iOS device Settings.
  5. Click Submit to upload all downloaded capture images from the Capture App to the CupixWorks Web App.

Once the upload is completed, you will be able to see a list of submitted captures under the Submitted tab.