How to View a SiteView

SiteView allows users to view captures of a jobsite, compare captures from different dates or BIM side by side, make measurements, and communicate with other collaborators.

Open a SiteView

Once you have a Cupix account, you can open SiteViews that have been shared with you.

With a Cupix Account

To view existing SiteViews:

  1. Log into your CupixWorks team.
  2. Double click the workspace, then the name of the project with the SiteViews you want to view.
  3. On the left menu in Project Center, click SiteViews to see a list of all available SiteViews associated with the current project.
  4. Double click the name of the SiteView to access it.
    Note: The SiteView will be displayed in a new tab.

Without a Cupix Account

You will need to sign up in order to open a SiteView.  Follow the instructions in How to Sign Up for CupixWorks to get started.