Capture Mode: Multi-Shot

Multi-Shot mode allows the user to take multiple photos of an area you want to capture.

Once uploaded, CupixWorks automatically aligns and maps the photos to the reference plan based on the initial position and capture direction you select.

We recommend this mode if you need to create high quality captures of your jobsite that can support measurements in SiteView.

Note: By default you can take up to 20 photos per area, although you can increase this to 400 photos by enabling Expert Mode in the Capture App settings.

Take Better Photos When Using Multi-Shot

Before creating a capture in Multi-Shot Mode, make sure you understand how to space your photos and are familiar with best practices for taking 360° photos. We always strongly recommend practicing each capture method with the hardware setup you plan to use before going onsite.

360° Camera on Helmet

Video: For best practices on using a helmet-mounted 360° camera to take multi-shot captures, check out our video on Cupix Multi-Shot with Helmet.

360° Camera on Monopod or Selfie Stick

Video: For best practices on using a 360° camera attached to a monopod when taking multi-shot captures, check out our video on Cupix Multi-Shot with Monopod.

Creating Captures with Multi-Shot

To use multi-shot mode:

  1. Go to the capture menu by tapping the Capture icon in the bottom left.
  2. From the capture menu, tap Capture New Area > Multi-Shot.
  3. Move the reference plan until the crosshairs are at the location of the camera and tap Mark and Shoot to take the first photo.
  4. Indicate the starting direction by tapping the corresponding arrow on the reference plan.
  5. Tap Shoot to take the second photo.
  6. Continue taking photos by tapping Shoot.
  7. Once you are finished, drag up the shooting menu and tap End > Save and Quit to finish the capture and return to the capture menu.