Set up a Capture - With Project Template

After downloading a project template to the Capture App, use it to set up your capture.

With a project template, your photos and videos are uploaded to the selected project and level when the capture is submitted to CupixWorks from the Capture App. Photo and video locations are also automatically mapped to the reference plan using location information you’ve provided during the capture.

Set up Capture

Select Current Level

  1. From the capture window, tap Level and tap the name of the building's level where you will make your capture.
  2. Tap Back to return to the capture window.
Tip: If you are capturing multiple floors in one session, make sure to change the Level and Reference Plan before capturing a new level.

Select Reference Plan

  1. From the capture window, tap Reference Plan (map icon) to open the Reference Plan wizard.
  2. From the list of available reference plans shown in the box, tap the thumbnail of the reference plan you want to use.
  3. Tap Back to return to the capture window.

The reference plan you selected will be displayed in the window below.

You are now ready to begin a new capture.